About Us

Not everyone can endure the horrendous daily commute and time-wasting traffic jam in many cities.

Not all are built to run gasping keeping up with the daily grind of a corporate job.

Not everybody can live with an 8-5 or a graveyard shift job, always anxious near the end of a fleeting weekend.

Inspired Space aims to share the experiences of freelancers and entrepreneurs who got out of the rat race to pursue their passion.

Most Filipinos only need information and inspiration to work their way towards financial independence and more time freedom through side hustles, remote part-time jobs, self-employment or setting up a business.

We believe that Filipinos’ natural ingenuity, when coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset and social responsibility, can be a ladder leading to a brighter future.

And with the help of the information superhighway, you don’t have to start big, invest a fortune or travel far. You can start pursuing your passion right where you are, in your own inspired space.